Dicey – Bar Design


Westfield Sydney, located underneath the iconic Sydney Tower on Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW.

Description of pre-design condition of interior/building:
The site was redeveloped between 2010 and 2012 to combine four shopping centres in the area: Westfield Centrepoint, Sydney Central Plaza, Skygarden and Imperial Arcade.

Client brief/client requirements:

  • A new and unique bar/nightclub space.
  • Must integrate brand values relating to health, sustainability, interactivity and culture.

Mood Board/Inspiration:

Bondy’s bar in Sydney was a major inspiration for the aesthetic of this project.

Materiality + Scheduling:



Idea behind the design/special features/materiality:

  • A socially inclusive, interactive, sustainable bar, designed as an homage to design and culture from the 1980s.
  • Aesthetic of the space was heavily influenced by a previously existing nightspot in Sydney – Bondy’s.
  • Inspiration for the space’s materiality was taken from commercial interiors of the 1980s – black and red leather, subway tiling, neon lights – all elements competing for attention.
  • Brand values of the client were researched heavily and appropriate solutions were made available:
    • Sufficient circulation, adjustable furniture, and a dipped bar area make access to the venue for people in wheelchairs or people with a disability much easier.
    • Triple pane glass and window frames with exterior shading will assist in the conservation of energy, as well as the control of temperature within the space.
    • Size adjustable tables are a main feature of the space, designed with inclusivity and interactivity in mind.
    • A large variety of board games have been integrated into the space and the furniture, in the hope that binge drinking is discouraged, and interaction between friends is encouraged.
  • The end product is a display of socially responsible design.


Central bar with dipped service area.

Triple pane glass for energy conservation and temperature control.

Central bar with dipped service area.

Upstairs entertainment area.

Space for communal games.

Male & Female restrooms in compliance with BCA.

Upstairs bar area.

Software used: 3Ds Max, Revit, Photoshop.