L’Air de Panache – Branding and Product Design


Inspired by The Grand Budapest Hotel

Client brief:

  • Design a product, complete with samples, style guide and advertising campaign, to promote the upcoming Wes Anderson film, The Grand Budapest Hotel.
  • Incorporate the film’s distinct humour and characters in a memorable, customer focused way.


  • L’Air de Panache is a unisex perfume that was brought to life in the 2014 Wes Anderson film The Grand Budapest Hotel.
  • It has been produced and created for customers to purchase in real life as a way to promote the film.
  • The perfume plays a pivotal role in the film for characters M. Gustave and Zero Moustafa – it has a very strong, pure musk scent, meaning it will linger in a room long after the wearer has left.
  • Anderson uses distinct colour palettes in each of his films in order to create a striking contrast from that of the real world – for The Grand Budapest Hotel, we see lots of pastel pinks and blues, purple and red, which make all scenes memorable.
  • Colour was the biggest driving force behind this project.

Mood Board:






Packaging Colour Palette:

  • The film tells a tale of courage and sacrifice, qualities found in anyone brave enough to wear this distinctive aroma.
  • The product logo design was based on a feature element from the film – The Society of the Crossed Keys.
  • The colour palette used for the branding of the L’Air de Panache consists of two primary colours and four secondary colours.
  • Packaging resembles that of a pastry box from Mendl’s bakery, another key plot point from the film.
  • Pre-purchase customer experience incorporates a billboard with an interactive QR (Quick Response) code, which directs customers to the product website.

  • During their purchase experience, customers are greeted with a video message from M. Gustave who welcomes them to the Grand Budapest Hotel.
  • Gustave then goes on to give customers a virtual guided tour of the Grand Budapest, which ends with a visit to the hotel gift shop where L’Air de Panache purchases can be made.
  • Post-purchase, customers are encouraged to follow The Grand Budapest Hotel on all social media platforms, where they can take part in competitions and giveaways.
  • This connection to the customer leaves a memorable impression of the brand and its personality, encourage repeat business, and help a small yet distinct branch of cinematic style to reach a wider audience through new networks.

Interactive Website Demonstration:

CLICK HERE for L’Air de Panache Style Guide

L’Air de Panache unfolded packaging

L’Air de Panache box with Mendl bakery ribbon

Hotel concierge desk render done using 3Ds Max for interactive website

Hotel room render done in 3Ds Max for interactive website

Hotel gift shop render done using 3Ds Max for interactive website

Software used: 3Ds Max, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop.